Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatic nerve pain (pain in the lower back, buttocks, sometimes down the leg) usually one side is affected.

This nerve pain is due to the baby growing and pressing on the sciatic nerve in the lower back on one side.  Stretches, hot soaks in the bath tub (make sure the bath tub is clean before you get in it to prevent getting a urinary tract infection), using a heating pad can all help. Also, to relieve some of the pressure on the nerve you can buy an abdominal binder for pregnancy, also called a maternity girdle.

Let your doctor know at your next visit, he may be able to tell you if any medication is appropriate to help out.

Here are some examples of abdominal binders for pregnant women.


Relieves these symptoms:

* Backache, Pelvic Pressure and Heaviness
* Belly Weakness and Pain, Hernias
* Achy, Swollen Veins
* Hip Pain, Frequent Urination, Edema
* Pre-term Contractions

BabyHugger’s® central lift takes weight off the back, bladder, veins and ligaments. It lifts both from the top and from each side to provide even support. BabyHugger® is adjustable and will fit women up to throughout their pregnancy.
BabyHugger® size is determined by your pre-pregnant pant size.


Perfect for the woman who wants smart support but doesn’t want all the lift a BabyHugger® provides. (Lil’Lift® provides about a third ofBabyHugger’s® lift.)  Some women wear a Lil’Lift® early and a BabyHugger® later as their belly gets bigger and heavier.

Our unique latex-free elastic has lots of lifting power AND very soft edges for pure comfort.  Lil’Lift’s® simplicity is refreshing with only one simple fastening. There are no other straps, hooks, buckles or adjustments. Put it around your belly, fasten it and you’re done.

Lil’ Lift’s® 3 inch width is perfect to lift your belly – it won’t dig into your groin or fold over as wider belts tend to do. Lil’Lift® will stay flat and comfortable – exactly where you put it!

After delivery Lil’Lift® will help support and reshape your recovering tummy.